Gem cameo gold yellow 18 karat gold authentic

Elegant fine quality representing a chalcedony cameo profile female very graceful piece of jewelry that can be worn as a pendant or brooch. This nice cameo cast on PIN with a ring is circled gold 18 k, 750 thousandths punched 20th. The Cameo is a very elegant jewel and again very trend.



 . Type: Gem cameo gold yellow 18 karat gold authentic

 . Material: Gold yellow 18 carat 750 thousandths

 . Dimension: Height: 32 mm width: 24 mm

 . Order No. 1136

 . State: Perfect state


< How to recognize the authenticity of a cameo.>

The real, serious cameos by hand can be mother-of-Pearl or made from a natural stone.

As a general rule, all cameo made in a natural material can be regarded as authentic.

Some materials include the Pearl, agate, Carnelian, ISEE, amber, coral, Jet, the os, or all sorts of fine gemstones.

We considered a cameo as an imitation when it was manufactured from plastic or resin.

A cameo must have a dull appearance and not brilliant, valid for most cameos, because it is almost impossible to wax a natural material that has been engraved.

Note that some cameos in authentic stone may shine slightly.

Authentic cameos are mounted on frames in gold 14 or 18 carats.

Money managers are also very common and some models will be devoid of context.

Cameos of faces to rounded cheeks with a straight nose usually come from the Victorian era.

Portraits with a nose hard enough to "Roman" usually date back to before 1860.

A nose that looks "cute" or small indicates a more recent cameo creation, dating from the beginning of the 20 th century.

An antique or millesimee will include a rounded closure.

This type of closure looks like a metal pipe in which fits the PIN to fix the PIN.










  • Height 32 mm
  • Width 24 mm
  • Weight 0,140 kg

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