Delft Vase baluster earthenware white blue of 19th-century China

Hexagon vase Delft earthenware late 19th-early 20th century. Beautiful earthenware white blue China naturalistic décor a marine scene.


 . Type: Delft, baluster Vase blue white earthenware of 19th-century China

 . Origin: Holland

 . Material: Earthenware of Delft

 . Dimension: Height: 31 cm Base: 10.5 cm opening: 13 cm weight: 1.48 kg

 . REF. 1131

 . Status: In good condition (no cracks, no hair, no missing) rare item














  • Height 31 cm
  • Diameter 13 cm
  • Foot diameter 10,5 cm
  • Weight 1,480 kg