Crystal val saint Lambert vase unit signed owned vaas val saint Lambert

Vase in Crystal val Saint Lambert Deco signed and numbered 7/00940 unit This vase is a deep green very nice reflection in the light. Size double green listed in the crystals of fancy Joseph Simon 1919/1930.tres former catalongue enameled vase, beautiful work of enamel flowers


 . Type: Crystal val saint Lambert unique signed

 . Origin: Belgium

 . Period: 19th century

 . Material: Crystal val saint Lambert glass enamelled

 . Dimension: Base 15 cm height: 6.5 cm collar: 10 cm weight: 1, 5 kg

 . Order No. 1138

 . Condition: Perfect condition









  • Height 15 cm
  • Foot diameter 6,5 cm
  • Collar 10 cm
  • Weight 1,500 kg

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