Boch Delft Royal Sphinx vase vase 20th century - prachtije oude Boch vaas Royal Sphinx Maastricht

Superb vase baluster covered Royal Sphinx Boch very beautiful bright colors and contrasting the most beautiful effect. Zoomorphic living (dog of fo) marks on the back very nice decorative object.

Prachtije Boch vaas getekend, made for Royal Sphinx by Boch Delft in perfecte staat

Beautiful Delft blue mud with lid 20 th century. Made by Boch for Royal Sphinx Maastricht. condition: in good verry


 . Type: Vase vase Boch Delft Royal Sphinx 20th century

 . Origin: Holland

 . Material: Earthenware of Holland

 . Dimension: Height: 42 cm Base: 11.5 cm diameter: 67 cm poid:1, 860 kg

 . REF. 1134

 . State: Perfect state
















  • Height 42 cm
  • Diameter 67 cm
  • Foot diameter 11.5 cm
  • Weight 1,860 kg